The Miao Project

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The Miao Project is the product of a public-private partnership with Borderless Huayuan, a village cooperative that works to bring economic development and stability to areas in rural China by producing, developing, and distributing products from local resources.  One of these products is traditional Miao embroidery, a record of heritage, history, and culture in the mountain villages of western Hunan. The Miao ethnic groups are making an effort to preserve their traditional practices in the face of  modernization and economic development. Candyfloss has worked remotely with the Miao women and formed a collaboration to do just that. Candyfloss uses Miao embroidery to give new life to recycled denim, combining preservation and sustainability to support local economy and the environment. All of the proceeds from Miao embroidery products are reinvested in Borderless Huayuan to train, maintain, and expand the workforce for rural regeneration. With the resources and information available in today's world, it has become the responsibility of the consumer to consider the ethics and sustainability of the fashion industry. Through the Miao Project, Candyfloss aims not only to facilitate cultural retention, but also to bridge cultural divides through creative expression.