With the resources and information available in today's world, we believe it is our collective responsibility to consider the ethics and sustainability of the fashion industry. Candyfloss was made for girls of the rising generation. For girls who care about the impact of their choices. For girls who value self-expression and individuality. For girls who want to look good while saving the world. All our pieces are made by hand using dead stock fabric to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain high ethical standards and safe working conditions. We want to feel as good about our clothes as you feel wearing them. 

About the Founder


When Gigi McQuarrie was six years old, every doll in her playroom was re-dressed in an original design made of anything and everything: grosgrain ribbon, elastic from old ballet shoes, Liberty quilting fabric, Ace bandages turned Herve Leger. When her mother found that every doll was taped, pinned, or hot glued into 'the fall collection,'  she decided a sewing machine might bring about a more humane approach to couture. In the years since, she has worked to find a happy middle ground between couture and fast fashion where accessibility and sustainability could co-exist. This year, daydreams became reality with Candyfloss--something spun from nothing.